Privacy Policy

Today’s Concepts, has established an Internet Privacy Policy that included not sharing this information with any third party 
and would like you to be aware of our policies regarding the information you share with us on our UR2 website as listed below.

WEBSITE INFORMATION: Today’s Concepts, will not sell any information we gather at our Websites. We collect identifiable information for the following reasons;
– Contacting consumers with reminders, updates, and news,
– Notifying winners of contests,
– Conducting consumer tests and feedback.

SURVEYS: Information gathered from polls and surveys are used Only for Today’s Concepts internal use.

REMINDERS, UPDATES, NEWS: Within Today’s Concepts websites, there is an option to subscribe to an E-mail database,
which is used to send reminders, updates and news pertaining to the Websites. The option to decline the subscription or
unsubscribe after receiving the electronic information is available. E-mail addresses gathered from minors and adults for
subscription purposes are used only for this purpose and no other.

COOKIES: On occasion our Websites may use Cookies or various types of data collecting techniques to enhance the viewing
experience or collect session information. Under NO circumstances is any data tied to any identifiable information, such as
an e-mail address.