A Brief History of Hair Colour

Marc Anthony was seduced by the Henna treatments of Cleopatra.  Then, when Julius Caesar heard about her hair as well as her other enticements, he too fell into her web of sensuality.  Was it her hair or something else?  I guess we will never know! 

Cleopatra never had Ur2™ Colour Renaissance Shampoo & Conditioner, because if she did, history would not have been the same. In 1907, Eugene Schueller, a French chemist, developed an innovative hair colour formula. The uniqueness of this formula, named Aureole, was that it did not damage hair while colouring it, unlike other hair colour products… And Parisian women were never the same. Neither Cleopatra nor Parisian women of “Haute Couture” tastes had Ur2™ Colour Renaissance Shampoo & Conditioner to maintain and bring alive the vivacity of their Hair Colours every day, because if they did, just imagine the possibilities.

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