Welcome to the Ur2™ Hair Design Studio, a place where the art of hair style and “Haute Couture” meet. A place where your hair will learn to speak volumes.  A place that gives your hair colours a Renaissance.  A place that will give you Silky Smooth ideas, for your hair that is.  A place where you will be introduced to our advanced Ur2™ Hair Rescue Technology™ and Ur2™ Style Rescue Technology™.

A place… A Place!

Developed by a team of International Hair Stylists and Hair Research Scientists that have come together to help create this sumptuous Ur2™ Hair Care range of exciting Shampoos, Conditioners and very obedient Styling Aids that know how to dial up the style.

The Ur2™ experience is about style fusing with advanced Hair Technology giving you well… A head turning Ur2™ Professional experience!

There are three areas of the Ur2™ Studio:

Voluminous | Color Renaissance | Silky Smooth

Where you go is entirely up to you.


    U r about 2 turn heads. Are U ready?

Ur2 Hair Studio
Ur2 Hair Studio
Ur2 Hair Studio